September 18, 2018

Harriet Bishop PTO September 2018 Meeting Minutes

  1. President (Martell) called meeting to order. 20 people were present; everyone introduced themselves
    1. Board members reviewed bylaws prior to meeting
      1. Co-vice president (Melissa) proposed adding an anti-discrimination clause as required by many outside grant applications. No objections were made.
    2. May and August 2018 meeting minutes were approved (Linda motioned; Katie seconded)
  2. First Day of School Morning Social (McHugh’s)
    1. McHugh’s generously supported the event and are willing to host again next year!
    2. Good attendance (used ~90 coffee cups)
    3. Tim Horton’s donated toward the event; ~$100 cost
    4. Ways to Improve: someone should greet at the door, be very clear that event is for parents (and incoming kindergartners), adjust event time frame (most people were cleared out by 10:15 am; a couple people showed up around 10:30 am since event lasted until 11 am)
  3. Volunteer Coordinator Update
    1. Increased need for kindergarten helpers
    2. Spread the word that more volunteers and team leads are needed!
    3. URGENT NEED: someone to shadow Hornet Hop team leads and take over event
    4. People must opt-in to receive emails from PTO volunteer coordinator; look into seeing if academic coordinator emails could recommend people join the PTO email list
    5. BOOK FAIR: need volunteers during event; see if book fair can be moved to another part of the building
    6. PHYSICAL DONATIONS: find a way to encourage teachers to request things often found around the house; create a sign-up genius to manage donations
  4. Grant Committee
    1. People interested in joining the committee provided email address
    2. Need to set date for committee to review grants for the current school year
    3. Recommend reviewing grant process with teachers and finding ways to make it easier for them
  5. Fundraisers
    1. New opportunities: “Paint & Sip” and Conquer Ninja Warrior
      1. Fundraiser hosts can hand out business cards, fliers, etc. at the event
  6. Other PTO Business
    1. REMINDER: secure outside funding when possible, check supplies before purchasing, etc.
    2. GOALS: make PTO events accessible for all families; review scholarship opportunities for each event
    3. School-board candidate Abigail Alt was present ***PTO does NOT endorse any candidate***
      1. Abigail Alt briefly discussed her qualifications and background
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