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Learn more about the Harriet Bishop Elementary PTO

What is the Harriet Bishop PTO?

We are an all volunteer organization made up of members of the Harriet Bishop Elementary School community. PTO stands for Parent Teacher Organization. This includes families with a student at Harriet Bishop as well as all of the school staff. Our mission is to support and enhance the learning experience of our students. The Harriet Bishop PTO is registered as a 501(c)(3) organization.

Join us! 

Everyone in the Harriet Bishop community is a member of PTO so there is no official paperwork to “join” PTO. We encourage anyone interested in learning more or in becoming more actively involved to attend a PTO meeting, contact one of the board members who are always accessible via email or phone, or send an email to HarrietBishopPTO@gmail.com.

You are welcome at any time during the year!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the PTO organized?

Everyone in the Harriet Bishop community is welcome and invited to actively participate in the PTO. We have a governing board consisting of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Volunteer Coordinator. We have team leaders and co-leaders that organize and run our events, services, and fundraising with the help of team members.

If I know what event I want to help with, how do I join that team?
We firmly believe in the adage that many hands make light work so we welcome all offers for help. To join a team, simply contact the team lead for that event or email HarrietBishopPTO@gmail.com and we can get you connected. You are welcome any time of year!
What does the PTO do?

Our goal is to foster a sense of community, provide a support network, and provide a forum to discuss ideas, issues, or concerns. We also raise funds to improve the academic experiences available to our students.

Where do PTO funds go?

The PTO raises funds to help our students learn and develop connections with other members of the community. Funds get allocated based on needs brought to our attention and/or specific funding requests. While every year is different, in the past the PTO has funded iPads, playground equipment, physical education equipment, art/music programs,  artists in residence, field trips/retreats, classroom materials, books, and much more. Financial statements are available by request and at PTO meetings.

How do we raise funds?

We host a direct giving program, receive funds from corporate programs such as Box Tops for Education, and by hosting fundraising events. Please see our Donations tab for more details on how we raise funds.

What is the Direct Giving program?

Our Direct Giving program encourages families to give what they can, when they can. It was implemented in 2008 when Harriet Bishop parents decided that they would rather make a donation and have 100% go to the school rather than selling candy bars, wrapping paper, and the like resulting in only a small portion of the funds raised going to the school. You can make a donation anytime by sending a check with your child made out to “Harriet Bishop PTO” to school. 

What are the PTO's fundraising events?

Events can change from year to year but include book fairs, read-a-thon, and silent auction. 

Events and Services

The Harriet Bishop PTO offers a selection of fundraisers, events, and services that take place over the school year. Only with YOUR help can the PTO continue to offer these extra activities to our students and families that everyone has come to enjoy! Click the button below to learn more about the Events and Services we provide each year as well as how you can get involved.

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