Reading Rocks!

Harriet Bishop PTO Read-A-Thon: April 4 – April 22, 2022

We are excited to kick-off the Harriet Bishop PTO Read-A-Thon! This is our BIGGEST ANNUAL FUNDRAISING EVENT and is the only school-wide fundraising event that directly involves every Harriet Bishop student and family from PreK to 5th Grade. We are hoping for 100% participation, and thank you in advance for helping us reach our goal and supporting the students at Harriet Bishop as we live out our school motto of : 

 “Every Person Welcomed; Every Person Included; Every Person Valued”

Our total school goal for 2022  is $20,000 

Please visit our FUNDFUB ONLINE Fundraising Wesbite where you will find information on:

  • How much we have raised relative to our goal
  • How to register your student/s to start collecting online donations
  • Event Dates and Updates
  • Schoolwide Donation Rewards and Incentives
  • Classroom Donations Leaderboard
  • Our generous sponsors

Ways To Donate


Create an ONLINE** FUNDRAISING PAGE for each of your students as follows:  

  • Register your Child by visiting For School Identifier use: 5dc3224dd1879
  • Email and/or Text your child’s student fundraising webpage to friends and family
  • Post on Facebook or Twitter You’ll be surprised when donations come in from distant relatives/friends from High School/co-workers. Post and see what happens!

** NOTE: The PTO receives 100% of cash/check donations where online donations are subject to administrative fees.


Use the PLEDGE FORM provided at school to keep track of cash/check donations collected by your student(s). Enclose all cash/checks in an envelope/ziplock bag and return to your teacher by April 22, 2022. 

Click here to download a printable pledge form.

Employer Matching Gifts

Find out if your employer is one of the thousands of corporations that match donations that you make and complete their application form


What is a Read-A-Thon and how does it work?
A Read-A-Thon is an event during which students read in order to raise money. For the Harriet Bishop Read-A-Thon, students, with the help of their parents/caregivers, collect money between April 4th and April 22nd to support the Read-A-Thon. The Read-A-Thon, which is 100 minutes of reading will take place at school on April 22nd, followed by a celebratory Pep Fest on April 27th!
Why are we having a Read-A-Thon?
The PTO is a nonprofit that funds programs that directly support each student. Over the past few years, 60% of the PTO’s gross revenue received has been through the Read-A-Thon. The PTO has distributed it’s funds raised through the Read-A-Thon (and other fundraisers) over the following areas: 

  • 37% on SCHOOL (Playground improvements (swing set, gaga ball, game table, climbing wall), Yearbooks, Directories, PBIS, Safety Patrols, Spiritwear t-shirt for each student, Unity Mural)
  • 25% on CLASSROOM (Classroom supplies / equipment based on teacher requests, Online Learning subscriptions, Phy Ed / music equipment, Artist in Residence)
  • 20% on SCHOOL EVENTS (Hornet Hop, Smart Fair, Read-a-Thon, PTO speakers, Back-to-school night)
  • 13% on FIELD TRIPS (Kindness Retreat, Base Camp, Creativity Festival, Transportation to Ebenezer or musical events, in-house Science Museum)
  • 2.5% on COMMUNITY (International night, Service Day, Brainpower in a Backpack)
  • 2.5% on ADMIN (PTO expenses such as copy fees, website fees and bank fees)
What are the Key Read-A-Thon Dates?
  • April 4-22, 2022 – Event Dates
  • April 7 and April 14  – Return Pledge Forms and money (cash and checks). We count weekly and share fundraising progress with students/families.
  • April 22, 2022 – LAST DAY to return Pledge Forms and money (cash and checks) 
  • April 22, 2022 – READ-A-THON Day
  • April 27, 2022 – LAST DAY for ONLINE donations at FundHub
  • April 27, 2022 – PEP FEST 
Parents/Caregivers, why participate?
Why would your student/s and family participate in the Read-A-Thon?

  • Help build your student’s confidence by supporting them in their ask of friends, family and neighbors for pledges (read more about this in the student’s section).
  • To support the funding of programs that this Read-A-Thon provides to your student/s.
  • We consider Harriet Bishop to be a family, and so we work together to help each other. Together we know we can achieve great things!
  • Support our school by choosing Harriet Bishop PTO for your regular charitable contributions. 

Hey Students, this part is for YOU!

As part of the Read-A-Thon Fundraiser, we have fun prizes planned that you (with the help of your parents/caregivers) can help all the students at Harriet Bishop enjoy! This is your opportunity to share with friends, family and neighbors how much you love Harriet Bishop and ask them to support your education by supporting the Read-A-Thon fundraiser. Let them know that no amount is too little as every bit helps towards providing you awesome opportunities at Harriet Bishop. If you need a little help on what to say, here is an example script you can use/adapt. 

2022 COVID NOTE: Please continue to  be safe while collecting donations by practicing social distancing and wearing a mask, as deemed appropriate by you and your family.



Hello, my name is _________ , and I am raising money for Harriet Bishop Elementary School’s annual fundraising Read-A-Thon.

PARENT/CAREGIVER or STUDENT: The Read-A-Thon is an all school event, held on April 22nd, where all students will be reading for 100 minutes and participating in other fun reading activities.

STUDENT: All the money raised goes towards student activities………

PARENT/CAREGIVER or STUDENT: ……….that enhance student learning and the development of the Harriet Bishop community like Reading Apps, Service Projects, Junior Achievement, Kindness retreats, Playground Equipment and Patrol, to name a few.

STUDENT: Would you be willing to support my school with a donation of any amount? No amount is too little as every bit helps towards providing students awesome opportunities at Harriet Bishop.


  • (If they say YES, and give you MONEY): Thank you so much for your donation towards Harriet Bishop
  • (If they say MAYBE): When may be the best time for me to check back in with you?
  • (if they say NO, they can’t help): Thank you so much for your time today

The Exciting Activities and Prizes for Read-A-Thon 2022 

Weekly Lucky Draw Prizes!

  • Students who complete and submit their READING BINGO BOARD will receive a token prize just for participating. 
  • Additionally, students who complete and submit their READING BINGO BOARD will be entered into a weekly lucky draw for the opportunity to win additional prizes! 
  • Completed READING BINGO BOARDs should be submitted to teachers no later than Thursday each week of Read-A-Thon to be included in the Friday drawings. 
  • Weekly Lucky Draw Winners will be announced on Mondays during Read-A-Thon, and prizes will be distributed in school.
  • Click here to download your BINGO BOARDS

School Wide Prizes!


Read-A-Thon Pajama Day


Extra Recess


Rock Music at Lunch on Read-A-Thon Day


Duct Tape Mr. Loesch at PEP Fest


Mr. Essay on Rollerskates (All Day on Pep Fest Day)


Minute to Win It Games – Teachers participate in Minute to Win It games at PEP Fest


Dress Like a Reading Rockstar! on Pep Fest Day (crazy clothes and hair day, including teachers and staff)


Kona Ice Truck! (Kona Ice for all students!)


A Special Thanks to our Corporate Sponsors who make the prizes possible! Please support them, as they support us!





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