Meeting was held virtually over zoom, 14 people were in attendance

  1. Jim Huston conducted the meeting and everyone introduced themselves
  2. October meeting minutes were approved 
  3. Scavenger Hunt event was well attended and will probably have again
  4. Virtual snowman event planned for 1st snow in January
  5. Read-A-Thon Update – Thank you to Liz for being the new lead! – Read-A-thon proposal and time table
  6. Silent Auction bumped to spring
  7. Teacher Conference Treat Bags were well received, thanks to Megan and Elda for putting those together
  8. Directory is out, sales were down, it was a lot of work might consider not providing this service in the future
  9. Papa Murphy’s Night went well, expecting about $300 revenue. Plan to book more restaurant nights
  10. Yearbook sales are available now
  11. SMART fair is March 12th
  12. Voted to pass on twins game tickets this year, due to pandemic 
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