1. The meeting was called to order.
  2. Principal Essay gave some updates on staffing for next year. The district cuts will affect HB. Reductions include:
    1. 1.0 FTE enrichment teacher (Mr. Naef will no longer teach at HB, Mrs. Campen will be .5 at HB and .5 at another school,)
    2. Grade levels will have 3 teachers, except for 2nd grade,
    3. 1.0 FTE district-wide specialist reduction (thus, all remaining specialists will be split between buildings), 
    4. Co-curricular activities like choir and student council will not be offered, 
    5. 2.0 FTE Educational Assistant positions, 
    6. 3 teachers: Miss Forester and Mr. Huseman will not return. Mrs. Danner is taking a leave next year.
  3. Treasurer’s update. Tawny has some payments to make. She reported that teacher reimbursement requests are low. We have received 3 grant requests (2 were already budgeted for) so we discussed and approved them. $600 for PBIS (including snacks for students during testing,) $1140 to send 4 patrol captains to patrol camp this summer, $500 for 3rd grade for owl pellets and the raptor center visit. (This has never been paid by PTO before so we are going to see if the school and/or the district can cover this.)
  4. Volunteer coordinator and event chair updates:
  • International Night is coming up May 17th! Please watch for volunteer opportunities or sign up here http://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040c45adaa2fa64-2018  We need a little help to make sure fun nights like this can be successful.
  • If the following events do not get a chair person or co-chairs for next year, the events won’t happen. Please consider helping. Email the PTO board if you need more info to help you decide! Sign up with a friend or neighbor! 
  • Hospitality (welcoming about 10 new students/families each school year)
  • Restaurant: Asian Bowl, Chipotle, Woodland Pizza, Chick-fil-A
  • Directory (co-chairs)
  • Family fun nights
  • Milk Moo-lah (Kwik Trip) Thank you, Melanie for stepping up!
  • Readathon (co-chairs) Thank you, Melissa and Katie!
  • School sign
  • School supplies (co-chair to take over 2019-2020)
  • Schwans Thank you, Katie!
  • Smart fair social
  • Spirit wear
  • Staff appreciation (co-chair to take over 2019-2020)

New business

  • Board positions open for next year: Vice President, Secretary, Volunteer Coordinator.  No one has expressed interest in taking over any of the open board positions. Martell is willing to become President and Tawny is willing to continue as Treasurer but anyone else can “run” for those positions if they want to. We for sure still need a Secretary and Volunteer Coordinator. We’ll have a vote in May if more than one person wants one of the board positions. Board positions can be tailored to personalities, strengths & needs of those that step up to volunteer. If we don’t get people to fill the board we may not have a PTO next year; therefore no fun events and no fundraising for our students and school. Please don’t let that happen! Please contact a board member if you have questions! 
  • We discussed preliminary plans for teacher appreciation week May 7-11th. If you want to help let our teachers know that we appreciate them, email the PTO board. 
  • We reviewed the proposed calendar of events for school year 2018-2019. We’ll vote to approve it at the May meeting.  You may find it on the blog part of www.hbpto.net.
  • We discussed the proposed budget for school year 2018-2019, which is not too different that this year’s budget. Tawny will work on finalizing it and we’ll vote to approve it at the May’s meeting. While discussing the budget we talked about whether or not we should just give each classroom teacher $50 instead of them requesting reimbursement.
  • Jenni DeShaw’s paid position as Academic Volunteer Coordinator will be posted soon. If you interested in working for ISD191 and Harriet Bishop please go to ISD191.org.
  • Thank you to Melissa Maggio for becoming a grant writer for our PTO.
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