Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) Meeting

Thursday, April 15th, 6:15-7:15 p.m.

Meeting was held virtually over zoom with 13 members in attendance

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. March meeting minutes approved 
  3. Read-A-Thon
  4. Yearbook is completed, additional sails made yearbook deficit under $500
  5. Other Fundraising ideas presented, most already do what we have with Fund Hub
    1. BOOSTER
    2. Restaurant Fundraiser (May and Summer)
  6. Teacher Appreciation Week – Board approved plan and theme “thank you for helping our children grow” Monday treat bags will be provided for all faculty and staff, Tuesday – JJ’s sandwich lunch, Wednesday – CrumblCookie, Thursday and Friday – plant bar will be open after school so teachers and staff may pick up a thank you plant
  7. Volunteer Coordinator Update – Volunteer Needs 2021/22 plan is to have teachers and staff reach out to families personally to join PTO and attend May meeting.
  8. May meeting will be in person on the lawn at HB we will provide snacks and drinks 
  9. Treasurer Update – 
    1. Revenue for March was $61.  We received a check for $60 from Pizza Supreme for the partnership we have with them, with $1 coming from bank interest.  
    2. Expenses for March were $848.  A donation to BrainPower in a Backpack was made for $500, Other expenses included $66 for PTO admin expenses (to purchase a $50 Visa card to pay for our GoDaddy expenses for our SmartFair domain name with the remaining balance on the card to be used in the future for GoDaddy expenses, and for stamps for the Treasurer), $53 for the Crayola paint grant, $188 for teacher reimbursements, and $40 to pay for an approved grant for pizza for EL testing.  
    3. Total cash balance at the end of March was $31,881.  
    4. YTD revenue is $2,595, expenses are $10,269, with a net loss of ($7,674).  
    5. Full year updated forecast currently projects a profit of $3,956, which is up from last month’s projection of $1,070.  The reason for the improvement is the removal of some plugs for unknown expenses, as well as refinement of some grants previously approved where the estimated costs have been reduced.  
  10. School Survey will be sent to families, asking what events and services are most important, we will base continuing yearbook, directory on the results of the survey
  11. Board 2021/2022: Board Ballot 2021-22
  12. Calendar 2021/2022 plan is to add back all events next year, if we need to cancel events later we will do that on a case by case basis
  13. Tie Dye shirts will be added to PTO website for sale
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