We had no school on Monday of this week. Then all  school programs and activities were cancelled due to the 13″-16″+ of snow that we received.

Tuesday’s schedule went from a 2 hour delayed-start to being cancelled due to “continuous bad road conditions” for ISD One91 (and the districts around us).

Still, many of you made it to our Chipotle-night fundraiser on Tuesday evening from 5-9 pm in Burnsville! We are humbled and thankful for your commitment and support of the HB Community!

Honestly, my favorite part of events like this is the encounter with other parents and kids that inevitably occurs. Saying hi or, if fortunate enough, having dinner with another family from the school make it really exciting! It’s the connections I get to make that remind me that we are all in this together.

Together we raised $398.25!

I think all of us on the Board left expectations out the window given the turn of weather events. Every bit of support is appreciated. 

Like a hug from a Chipotle burrito, we thank you!

P.S… we love feedback! Please complete our brief, anonymous survey regarding this fundraiser…even if you did NOT attend!

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