Harriet Bishop PTO October meeting minutes 2017

1.      Call to order. September 2017 minutes were approved.

2.      New business:

·        We need some volunteers to hand out flyers about the upcoming vote on the existing levy after school on Oct. 31st and Nov. 2nd 3:30-4:00. Contact Mr. Essay if you can help. And don’t forget to vote on Nov. 7th!

·        We have updated the PTO website. Check it out! https://hbpto.net/

·        We’re sorry not every teacher had time to fill out a “wish list” for the book fair.

·        We discussed options for having an online payment and/or a point of sale mobile card processor available as another option for parents to pay/donate. The band charges us when we have a lot of checks to deposit. Our loophole now is to deposit the checks into our savings account and transfer as needed.

·        We discussed looking into having a company come in to do a fun run for us next school year. Two companies that we’ve heard of that do this include Boosterthon and Apex. Both take a percentage of the revenue but there would be no need for our parent volunteers.

·        Hornet Hop RSVP’s and donations of bottles are low right now. ☹

3.      Old business:

·        We discussed the proposed changes to the PTO bylaws as presented last month. Jenni DeShaw moved to approve the changes, Katie Fisher seconded it and the changes were approved. The revised bylaws are available on the PTO website: www.hbpto.net/

4.      Grant requests:

·        We had 7 grant requests this fall:

  • Mrs. Pavek (kindergarten teacher) requested a set of magnetic letters for $49.
  • Mrs. Jordan (reading interventionist) requested to renew our RazKids license for the younger students for $664.65.
  • Mr. Naef (enrichment teacher) requested for ½ of the total for a curriculum to supplement literacy, math and social studies for the students he works with $750. He plans that the other school he works at with pay the other half. Mrs. Engen (2nd grade teacher) request $800 to pay for bussing for 2nd grade to travel to/from Ebenezer Arbor Ridges assisted living for community service once a month this school year.
  • Mrs. Strowbridge (1st grade teacher) request $400 for the Science Fair and Learning Fair to pay for table rentals, ribbons, supplies and snacks for the judges.
  • Art Adventure asked for $236 for training and supplies.
  • Mrs. Mechavich (5th grade teacher) requested $1850 for the 5th grade’s Artist in Residence this year.

·        After discussion and checking our budget (the science fair and 5th grade artist in residence were already budgeted for) Alisha Kaul-Nelson made a motion to approve all of the grant requests. Katie Fisher seconded it and the grants were approved.

5.      The meeting was adjourned.

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