Harriet Bishop PTO Meeting minutes

·        The meeting was called to order. Jessa DeRusha motioned to approve the November meeting minutes and Katie Fischer seconded it.

·        Treasurer’s report: $144 of the hoped $500 was earned for spirit wear. We received $278 for the first part of the Schwan’s campaign. (Thank you to those that contributed!) We also received $94 in truest direct donations, $67 from amazon smiles and about $1700 from the fall book fair. A few teacher reimbursements and some grants have been paid.

·        Principal Essay reported that we’ll be having a planning meeting on Feb. 5th at 4pm for International Night (which will be held on May 17th 6-8pm.) Please come if you want to help plan International Night.  He also reported that an office position is open at HB. Check the district website if you’re interested in working at school!

·        We have purchased a hornet costume for $169 and it has been seen out and about a little. It’ll make it’s grand debut at a kickoff assembly for the Read-a-thon on Feb. 1st. 😊  The Jacob Wetterling Resource Center will be coming to HB on March 20th for a presentation “Teachable Safety Skills: Replacing Myths with Facts.” Look for more info coming soon.

·        The Box Top contest is going slowly; please send in your box tops! The winning classroom will get hot chocolate and cookies. If you’re at school, check out the leader board!

·        Chipotle night is coming up on Jan. 23rd 5-9. Online orders do not count.

·        The Read-a-thon is going to be great! Send in your pledges. Students will be winning prizes when they reach certain $ amounts including (hopefully) music in the lunchroom, all school bingo, and if we reach $20,000 then Mr. Essay gets duct taped to the wall! The top two classrooms will earn/choose between a pizza party and an ice cream party.

·        Our spring book fair will be Usborne books and proceeds will go to the library.

·        Our silent auction will be online sometime this spring. Watch for more info.

·        We NEED a chair for a snack (ice cream? Cookies? Whatever!) during the SMART fair. Let Jessa know if you’re interested in helping. jessalynnderusha@gmail.com If we don’t get a chair person to coordinate this we won’t have a snack on the SMART fair night.

·        We discussed the grant request for the Kindness Retreat for all 4th graders. Luckily our treasurer had budgeted for it. The district will not be contributing to the cost of this “field trip” but HB will help provide lunch for the volunteers. After discussion we voted and it was approved to cover the cost. We all agreed it’s a valuable learning opportunity for our students.

·        All of our PTO positions (president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and volunteer coordinator) will be open for next year. While some of us are willing to go again, some of us will be “graduating” to middle school and some may want a partner to lead together. If you are interested in one or more of the PTO positions, please let know Harrietbishoppto@gmail.com and/or come to the April meeting for discussion. The vice president does not have to become president! We’ll be voting on positions at our May meeting.

·        April’s PTO meeting is moved from Tuesday, 17th to Monday, 16th. Hope to see you there!

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