Alison called the meeting to order at 6:18 PM-Ann seconded it

We approved May 2022 meeting minutes-Ann/Carrie-2nd

We introduced Heather Lundstrom as our new co-treasurer 

Teacher communication Update (Wish List-Janet) Janet was not present for the meeting. Alison will follow up with her to see if we can get more information.

Family Fun Night (slated for Oct 14th) Liz will send out a sign up genius to ask for volunteers. Will move it indoors if necessary due to the weather

Google for Non-Profits–who is in charge of that?

Volunteer Coordinator (Liz)

  • Parade is at 1:00PM on September 16th. High school band is coming to march and perform for students. Give out freezies after the parade? What is needed for that? Scissors, wipes, plastic bags
  • Family Fun Night October-movie January–maybe a resturant night at a local place–what % of sales will we will receive?
  • Post Yearbook information on how to buy on Harriet Bishop Facebook site

Treasurer (Carrie)

  • We are doing pretty well financially. Just watch what we spend going forward. If you have a set amount, please try and stick to it
  • Teacher grants are due October 3rd and zoom meeting to vote will be October 6
  • Use Amazon Smile to donate to Harriet Bishop
  • Paypal account-have one and is anyone using it? Venmo can be used on 11/18

End of meeting at 7:12pm Alison/Ann 2nd

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