Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) Meeting
Thursday, September 21, 2023, 6:00-8:00 p.m.


  1. Welcome and Call Meeting to Order (Alison)
  2. Introductions
  3. Old Business
  4. Approve May and August 2023 meeting minutes (Found at
  5. School Calendar with PTO Activities Event Calendar 23-24.docx – Google
  6. Open Board Positions (Alison)
  7. Co-Volunteer Coordinator / Filling the position for next year- Ann knows
    someone who is interested, they will contact the board. Will be finalized next
    month. Still need co-volunteer as well. Volunteerism has dropped since covid,
    trying to get back to pre-covid levels. Would be able to do more if we had more
  8. Teacher Communication Update 
  9. Wish List- This is in a Google Doc where teachers can fill out needs- in
    Secretary google drive folder. Use Sign Up genius for parents to fill wish list
    items. Make sure to include nurse and other staff.
  10. Outdoor Playground- underway, grant has been requested. Everything is included in
    $10,000. Includes outdoor whiteboard, seating and picnic tables. Preschool
    playground- more room for everyone, playground enhancement, two spaces to
    coexist. Alison motions to approve, Heather seconds. Approved. Ribbon cutting,
    could be coordinated with fundraising or kickoff readathon.
  11. Hornet Hop Update – Nov 17- need lead. Jessica is willing to do food. Signup genius
    went out. Break down into smaller duties. Linda sent out budget. Reach out via
    volunteer list, school messenger, newsletter, facebook. Could solicit volunteers from
    high school. Worst case scenario if there are not enough volunteers: scale back to
    just dance party, food, and auction without games. We have a good guidebook from
    previous years that can be used, but previously event was paid so will need tweaks.
  12. Silent Auction Update – Nov 17- Betsy and Liz will lead. Call for volunteers. Late
    start, so less time to work with. Reach out to local businesses/solicit donations
    Expecting $2-$5K in funds raised.
  13. Family Fun Night Outdoor Movie Night Update – Oct 6, 6:30-8:30- outdoor movie
    (Mario), need to recruit volunteers to popcorn. Alison will do flyer.
  14. Volunteer Coordinator Update (Liz) 
  15. Volunteer Needs- first priority is upcoming events, but also for future events
    like readathon.
  16. Yearbook- approve 25 scholarships- $348.75. How much do we get from
    parents donating on website? Linda and Niki are doing it again. Now would be

a good time to start recruiting someone to take over. Include photographer on
every signup genius for events. Ordering page may not be ready- check with
Linda to make sure it is up. Have table at every event for yearbook purchase.
Emphasize deadline on communications. You may need to access on a

  1. Treasurer Update (Heather) 
  2. Final 2022-2023 Results- Heather has not been able to access laptop. Has not
    gotten anything from Old National Bank.
  3. Budget 2023-2024
  4. Grant Requests- some expenses are budgeted for already and do not need to
    be applied for. Heather put communication together/overview of what is
    already approved.
  5. Deadline is Monday Oct 2nd
  6. Grant Review Committee Meeting – Wednesday Oct 4th, 8pm. Will be
    Zoom meeting. Email Ken to be added to meeting list.
  7. Other
  8. Next Newsletter submission due date: SEPT 22- Ann will write and submit.
  9. New VP/SSLS- Nikita

Upcoming School and PTO Events/Key Dates

 Grant Review Committee Meeting – Oct 4th, 8pm via Zoom
 Family Fun Night – October 6th @ 6:00-8:00pm
 PTO Meeting – October 12th @ 6:15pm

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