Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) Meeting Minutes

Thursday, September 16th, 6:15-7:15 p.m.

Meeting was held in person in the Media Center with PTO President Jim Housten conducting

  • Everyone introduced themselves, 18 members were in attendance
  • May meeting minutes were Approved
  • Family Fun Night will be an outdoor movie, on October 15th Keralyn Powers and Rachel Sorensen will be leads for this event
  • Parent Breakfast Social Recap – Thank you Liz for leading this event. Coffee and Donuts were donated by Dunn Bros and Donut Starr. 30 people were in attendance
  • Silent Auction will start on October 15th ,we will use PTO website to host virtual auction
  • Teacher Communication/Welcome Back Recap – teachers were very grateful for welcome back treats and information about grants, reimbursements, and teacher wish list was emailed to staff
  • Yearbook Update from Jenn Jech who is Team Lead overall and for the sales side. Nikki is our Creative Lead: They are going to send out the Cover Contest flyer in October and announce the winner in November. We have to submit the final cover to Balfour by Dec 1st
    1. Jenn is going to send out the yearbook flyers from Balfour in October too so we can start getting sales rolling in
  • Restaurant Fundraiser – Theresa is waiting to hear back from Hyvee about a fundraising night (we recently received a letter from them about hosting a Wahlburgers restaurant night (20%). She is looking at dates late Sept/early Oct.
  • T-shirt sales: Tie-Dye T-Shirt Tracker (2021-22)
    1. Tab “PreOrder Sheet 9-1-21” shows those who put their name on the list for shirts – a number of them were because they did not have cash on hand on 9/1/21. So, there are a few we can fulfil (green highlight). We need to figure out a system to communicate with them. Suggestion: Email parents  we have t-shirts for, by 9/20. Ask them to send in cash by 9/25 and that we’ll distribute shirts to their student Monday 10/1
    2. Voted not to order another round of shirts, but instead create individual sales through PTO website
  • Parade – freezies are being distributed in classrooms so will have to have at least 1 cooler on top level and 1 on bottom level in central place for volunteers to access to distribute. 
  • Printing Tracker added in treasurer folder – Linda started this tracker so we can keep better track of prints the PTO makes to simplify payment to school from PTO at the end of the year end:  HB PTO Printing Tracker for Treasurer
  • Hyvee Reusable Bag Program – HB PTO has been selected for October again. Advertise with flyer in the Oct newsletter and put on FB etc. The program is:  As a reminder, for the month of October 2021, Harriet Bishop PTO will receive a $1 donation from each purchase of the $2.50 reusable red “My Heart” Bag at the Hy-Vee store located at Hy-Vee 6150 Egan Drive, Savage MN. 
  • Voted Carrie Westrum as 2021/2022 PTO Board Treasurer Approved
  • Voted to add Carrie Westrum as signatory to PTO bank accounts immediately, keep Linda Smith on accounts, and remove Jim Kennedy from accounts on or by 11/1/2021 Approved
  • Grant Request deadline is October 1, Ken and Janet will  make a video to send to staff reminding them of details. 
  • Grant review meeting will be October 12th at 6:15 PM over zoom
  • Final vote on grants will be  – October PTO meeting – October 14th
  • Outdoor Classroom initial planning meeting was held and Ken will be meeting with City of Savage representative Monday, update will be given at October PTO meeting
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