PTO Meeting Minutes for:

Thursday, September 17th, 6:15-7:15 p.m.

18 people were in attendance virtually through zoom

  1. Jim Huston conducted the meeting and everyone introduced themselves
  2. May meeting minutes Approved (Found at
  3. Discussed PTO Calendar 2020-2021 – most events have been canceled or postponed  (HB Event Calendar (PTO highlighted))
  4. COVID Brainstorm See separate document (Virtual Event Ideas 2020-2021)
  5. Volunteer Coordinator Update from Linda 
    1. Yearbook (Nikki and Jenn) – meet with team leads, on pace with deadlines, continue to submit photos for the yearbook
    2. School Directory (Elda) – Directory will be the same price as last year, printing costs will also be the same as last year
    3. Teacher WishLists (Janet) – Document will continue to be circulated and has started to fill up (Teacher Wish List)
    4. Communication methods 2020-2021
  6. Treasurer Update
    1. Review final 2019/2020 financials 
  7. Grant Update 2020-2021 – so far 2 grants have been submitted, more expected soon
    1. Key dates:
      1. Grant request deadline – October 1
      2. Grant review meeting – October 6, (7:30PM)
      3. Final vote – October PTO meeting – October 8
  8. Other
    1. New Website (Alison) – Website is up and running, will continue to direct traffic to website
    2. Connectivity with other PTOs in 191 (Josh) – Meeting Scheduled with other PTO’s for September 30th, 
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