1. Welcome and Call Meeting to Order (Alison)
  2. Introductions- Alison, Ann, Heather, Celeste, Heather, Keralynn, Niaka, Liz, Mrs Berryman, Mr Loesch
  3. Old Business
  4. Approve Sept 2023 meeting minutes (Found at https://www.hbpto.net/blog) Ann motioned, Alison seconds. Approved.
  5. Open Board Positions (Alison)
  6. Volunteer Coordinator Vote- vote to approve.
  7. Volunteer Coordinator Update (Liz) 
  8. Hornet Hop Update – Nov 17 – Planning meeting 9/21/23. Have a few good team leads and participants, some who have helped in previous years. Budget items: Buzz costume needs to be cleaned/repaired. Liz will take care of it, need to figure out logistics/costs. Maybe Pilgrim would “donate” cleaning, Liz will reach out. PTO storage- needs to be cleaned/organized.
  9. Silent Auction Update – Nov 17 – donations starting to trickle in. There is a list of businesses to reach out to and track responses. Code Ninja’s has reached out about partnership. Liz has blurb for newsletter that we will continue to post.
  10. Volunteer Needs- Conference meal and Hornet Hop.
  11. Yearbook- Linda sent update. November is cover competition. Looking for additional promotional ideas for getting word out. Do not table at Hornet Hop- maybe promote but not sell. Promote at conferences.
  1. Conferences- November 2nd 4-8pm, 3rd 8-12, 6th 12-8. Teacher meal on Nov 6th– need to organize setup/takedown, plus food. Liz will do Signup Genius.
  2. Treasurer Update (Heather) – Issues with where statements are being sent, do not have statement through Sept 30th yet. Have about $29,000 in account. Janet taking the lead on outdoor classroom stuff, Melanie helping with ordering things. Trying to get chalkboard. Boulder was donated by local business. Get thank you card out to Prior Lake Aggregate. Janet has most of smaller items from proposal already.
  3. Grant Requests & Vote- reject requests unless we have detailed info. Track title funds and how those are allocated. Have a budget per grade to make sure that funds are being allocated evenly. Need to follow up on questions before voting on approvals. No requests are time sensitive. Will vote at next meeting.

1.  Brooke Pavek- $150 to add more Spanish books to Kindergarten community so more families can participate and bring books home to read with adult. Ashley Berryman is writing state grant request for multilingual books- could potentially cover Pavek’s requests (and Library below). Grants up to $10,000 available, should find out end of oct. We will hold off on approval on those.

2.     Keralyn Powers- breakfast with a book, $100 not covered with title funds. Already approved in budget.

3.     Sabrina Dahl- $2,850 for Biz Town for 5th graders. $1,000 is already approved in budget. Need more details about why there is increase and what was spent last year. Actual expenses not shown in budget from last year.

4.     Jane Omodt- $1,900 for 2nd graders, The Works field trip. She is waiting to hear back from Diversity Director to see if funding can come from district or if it is ok to come from PTO. Alison will reach out about when she is expecting to hear back from district.

5.     Brooke Pavek- $1,463- Gale Woods Farm kindergarten field trip. Already budgeted $1,500.

6.     Ken Essay- $1,260 for k-2 take home planners and folder. Some expenses already included in budget. So the grant is asking for $260 extra that is not in budget already.

7.     Ken- $2,000 for 5th grade artist in residency. Already budgeted.

8.     Ken- $1,900. For PDIS rewards and t shirts. $600 budgeted. Ask for more information/ clarification on increase.

9.     Ken- Chess residency for $400, so every 4th grader can learn to play chess. New request, has not been funded in the past. Ask Ken if there is any other funding for this.

10.  Outdoor playground- already approved.

11.  Karen Oshiro- safety patrol perks- $1,000 already approved. Request is for additional $300.

12.  Carrie Fandrich- $900 HB t-shirts for preschool and kindergarten. Ken’s request already included t-shirts for kindergarten, did it include preschool as well? $900 seems high.

13.  Rachel Christianson- $750 to add books with other languages to library, hoping to represent all home languages at school.

14.  Mr. Loesch requesting grant for PE, was included in budget already.

15.  To do: Check to see if grants budgeted are still needed if not applied for. Heather will reach out to those who had “built in” grants approved in budget who didn’t apply. Have not heard from Care Club (4th and 5th grade, pizza club at end of year Mrs Dahl is contact) and owl pellets- Ann will reach out.

16.  Alison will reach out to those who had requests that were larger than what was budgeted.

  1. Other
  1. Twins game- Betsy will start looking at dates, due back to Twins Oct 27th. Aim for May. Dates to avoid: May 10th (Family Fun night), avoid pep fest, spring back. Would we want to do Saturday/Sunday? Ask Betsy, not sure if buses will run on weekend.
  2. November Newsletter submission due date: Oct 24
    1. Hornet Hop/Silent Auction
    2. Conference reminder/Signup for Conference meals
    3. Yearbook

Upcoming School and PTO Events/Key Dates

  • PTO Meeting – November 16 @ 6:15 pm – 7:15 pm
  • Hornet Hop & Silent Auction – November 17 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
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