Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) Meeting

Thursday, May 18th, 6:15-7:15 p.m. Media Center


  1. Welcome and Call Meeting to Order (Alison)
  2. Approve April Minutes (
  3. Old Business
    1. Teacher Appreciation Week- May 8-12, recap: went well. Substitutes felt appreciated as well. Finish Line wellness went well, 2 chairs day 1, and 1 chair day 2. 15-20 minute massages.  
    2. Twins Night- May 12, recap- good turnout, went well. Timing with buses went well. 2 buses. 35-40 each. Next year- encourage wearing Harriet Bishop t shirts or necklaces/hankies/7pom poms/signs to get on jumbotron. Have 2 extra tickets for drivers.
    3. Jersey Mikes weekend brought in ~$330
  4. Upcoming events
    1. Family Fun Night- May 19- should have more than enough food based on RSVP. 272 total rsvp’d so far. Put signs around/ QR code for RSVP on flyer next year. Some volunteer needs met, more needed but covered. Should start popcorn early. Alison will start popcorn. Make sure to keep kids out of construction zone. Make sure to start movie early.
    2. Last day of school- June 8th- 5th grade graduation- slide show, no access to Edge activities for last day (arcade games, foosball etc) Working on finding things to keep them busy. Water balloon relay type game possibility.
    3. Plan to get on Chipotle calendar for next year, they are booked out until September.
  5. Volunteer needs-
    1. Need new team leads and planning volunteers. Might need to scale back previous events so that volunteer needs are less or space events differently. Ideas for messaging/recruitment: Announcement at the beginning of events; ask people to volunteer at night of; add info to every flyer/email about volunteer opportunities with every event, and to newsletters; convert volunteer list into newsletter; add upcoming events to PTO website; use highschool  or middle school “volunteer” to be social media coordinator (need contact for high school).
    2. Summer kindergarten playdates- can print things at preschool graduation.
  6. Board, Calendar and Budget 2023/2024 Vote
    1. Vote Board: Board Ballot –Ann motions to approve, Liz seconds.
      1. 23/24 Board Results
        1. Alison Cromie – President
        2. Ann Krenn – Vice President
        3. Celeste McDermott – Secretary
        4. Heather Lundstrom – Treasurer
        5. OPEN POSITION – Volunteer Coordinator
      2. Promote co-volunteer coordinator. Position is a big role, too much for one person. Should it always be co position, or split between volunteer and communications, or trade off etc. Highlight this position in all communications going forward- reach out to volunteers. Send phone call to recruit.
    2. Vote Budget- budget will still TBD, will be updated and voted via email.
    3. Vote Calendar
      1. Alison will type up and send to Jennifer.
      2. Set up board meetings outside of formal meetings to discuss board things.
  7. Other
    1. Fridge grant- does this include install? Need final receipt in order to approve. Will reach out to teacher requesting. Need to include delivery and install.  
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