Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) Meeting Minutes

Thursday, May 19th, 6:15-7:15 p.m. Media Center

  • Welcome and Call Meeting to Order, 11 PTO members present
  • New lower entrance containers are installed, and planted up, thank you PTO for funding them!
  • Twins Game Recap
    1. Very well attended, 400HB families, teachers and staff
    2. 2 busses to 80 people to the game
    3. Twins gave 100 additional free tickets to HB, they were offered to staff
    4. Staff attendance made the night very memorable for students 
  • Teacher Appreciation Week Recap
    1. Came in at just under $1000
    2. Thank you to Olive Garden, Crumbl Cookies, Bruegger’s Bagels, Costco, Cub, and HB families for donating to make this a memorable week for teachers and staff
    3. “Top secret note” home was well received and teachers really enjoyed them. We will make sure to do it again next year 
  • Read-A-Thon Recap
    1. Total amount raised was just over $22,000 this includes corporate sponsors
    2. Pepfest was awesome, Kona Ice was well received, students checked to see if Mr. Essay was in roller blades the whole day, paper jumpsuit over Mr. Loesh made it easier to get duct tape off
  • Yearbook Review – 240 books were ordered, 4 more scholarships were approved. Most of the 18 extra books have already been sold
  • Motion to renew the contract with Balfour for next year’s yearbook was approved. 
  • May Family Fun Night Update – TOMORROW
    1. Most volunteer slots are filled, Linda will create instructions for volunteers, Allison will print and distribute
    2. Pizza will be picked up at 5:45, and 6:00, if more orders are needed they will be placed at the 6:00 time.  
    3. Motion to cover additional pizza cost, if needed, was approved 
    4. Tickets for Kona will be distributed to all children 5th grade and younger, older students and parents will have to pay. 
  • Motion for april meeting minutes were approved.
  • Numbers of Copies need to be added to master list, copy cost will be paid in July, Carrie will reach out to Jenny for final cost calculation
  • Team Member needs for 2022/2023, Linda is drafting letter to emailed, included in the newsletter, and sent to families
  • Hornet Hop will need a new team lead, it would be nice to have a transition meeting with old HHop team leads so details and planning will not be forgotten. Teacher involvement was once a big part of the Hornet Hop, and will try to be incorporated next year, including having teachers fill volunteer spots for games and such.
  • Treasure Update – April was net loss of 700 due to many grants being paid out. May financials will show  Read-a-thon money.
  • Motion to move 10,000 into savings for Outdoor classroom was approved. (we currently have $25,000 saved for outdoor classroom)
  • Motion for 2022/2023 Board, as follows, was approved
    1. Allison Cromie, President
    2. Ann Krenn, Vice President
    3. OPEN, Secretary
    4. Carrie Westrum, Treasurer
    5. Liz Frerichs, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Carrie will follow up with Heather Lundstrom next week to discuss being Co-Treasurer for this upcoming year.
  • Thank you to Jim, Linda, and Janet for your service in PTO last year
  • Motion for 2022/2023 Calendar was approved, with these final changes
    1. First Day Breakfast social removed (going to discuss rather having an offsite parents night out in September)
    2. Scavenger Hunt removed (going to keep in back pocket as a maybe event)
    3. December Family Fun Night removed
    4. We moved Feb Family Fun Night to Jan and Added an April Family Fun Night
    5. We are going to hold 2 different dates for Hornet Hop till we can figure out the plan. Those dates are Oct 28 and Nov 18.
    6. We have put in a date for International Night – Ken is going to work on figuring if other schools want to do this jointly. 
  • Motion for 2022/2023 Budget was approved, with these changes
    1. Change Hornet Hop revenue and expenses based on title funds for family engagement
    2. Remove directory revenue and expense
    3. Remove back to school night expense
    4. Increase school landscaping budget to $250, will be budgeted now, and not grant request
    5. Decrease yearbook expense to $250, will continue to plan for break even
  • Motion of grant request for 5th Grade t-shirts in intended to approve, but not passed, Janet will reach out 5th grade planning team for more details, to complete do diligence before approving
  • Motion to cover cost of $250 for take home folders was approved
  • Final Newsletter submission due date is May 25th, should include letter from PTO president, information on the new PTO board, and volunteer needs for next year.
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