Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) Meeting Minutes

Thursday, March 17th, 6:15-7:15 p.m. Media Center

  • Meeting called to order, 8 members were present
  • Minute approval pushed to next meeting
  • Thank you to those who helped to provide the parent teacher conference meal! 
  • Read-A-Thon Update 
    • Banner is going up tomorrow
    • Bingo boards, and incentives were approved
    • Bookmarks and kick off materials will be sent home on the 4th
  • Teacher Communication Update 
    • Theme: Super Heros!
    • Plan to provide treats and meals though the week with gift bag on friday
    • Letter will go home to families and emails 
    • Budget was increase from $600 to $1200 was approved (board also approved through email)
  • Implimenting of online T-shirt store 1st place spiritwear was approved
  • Yearbook deadline is April 4th ,we will receive books by May 21st
    • Increase pages in yearbook if needed by 4 for total cost $14.70 per book Approved (still under $15 sale price)
  • Treasurer Update
    • Jersey Mikes restaurant night brought in $450
    • MCare Club grant for full $400 was approved
    • Gaga Ball Mat for $3700 was approved (board also approved through email)
  • Motion to frame newspaper article from Savage Pacer for $174.45 was Approved.
  • Motion to move Hornet Hop to fall and have May 20th be an extra big family fun night with food and Kona ice was approved. This will not be PTO budget, it will be paid for with school title funds.
  • 5th grade send off is still in the works with grant for t-shirts expected
  • Congratulations to Mr. Essay on receiving 191 Community of Excellence Award
  • Volunteers are now welcome in school, restriction is one volunteer per classroom
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