Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) Meeting

Thursday, January 20th, 6:15-7:15 p.m.

  • Meeting was held virtually over zoom
  • 4 members were present, all introduced themselves
  • Secretary Stanley conducted
  • Scavenger Hunt Recap – scavenger hunt was a great event, more students participated, wind blew some signs away, but all were turned into the office and then took back outside, we will plan to have hunt next year
  • Thanks to all who provided treats for teachers, they were appreciated
  •  T-shirt sales Update –  Allison is having issues with the vendor. May need to change course and use another. She reached out to others and welcomes other suggestions.
  • Yearbook Update – 5 books away from reaching the contracted goal! 12 scholarships for yearbooks were approved. Final sale deadline is January 28th. After the final sale deadline, the Board will vote to approve the final number of books ordered. Photo submissions will be accepted until March.
  • restaurant fundraiser night will be planned for February
  • November/December Financials Update – We brought in $485 in restaurant nights. Walburgers ended up doing very well, compared to other restaurants that we have used in the past. We paid out $2000 for the 5th Grade Artist that came into the schools to work with the 5th graders.We still sit at $42,101, with both our savings and checking account.
  • Read-A-Thon update – Read-A-Thon will follow the same format and timeline as last year. This includes Bingo Boards and weekly drawings. We will be working with FundHub for online sales. Prizes will be school wide, we will not have individual incentives. Theme will be Reading Rocks! And students will be referred to as “Reading Rock Stars” Goal is $20,000. 
  • Next PTO meeting will be Feb. 17th
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