Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) Meeting Minutes

Thursday, January 21st, 6:15-7:15 p.m.

Virtual Meeting held over Zoom

  • President Jim Housten conducted and 10 members attended
  • November meeting minutes approved 
  • Virtual Story TIme will be held after next PTO meeting
    • It will be a multi language story time with special guest readers
  • Read-A-Thon is moving forward
    • All plans have been sent to the racial equity team for review
    • We currently have $750 from corporate sponsors
    • Goal is to raise $25,000 but this may not be achievable this year
  • Silent Auction pushed to next year
  • Conference Treat Bags will be made for all staff to be sent out for Feb conferences
  • Yearbook sales are not on track, we are contracted for 276 books, but currently have only sold 80
  • Restaurant Fundraisers are bringing in funds, we will continue to plan and add to calendar
  • Treasurer Update
    • December Financial update, some income from restaurant nights and corporate Read-A-Thon sponsors
    • more pre-approved grants were paid out
  • SMART Fair (Not PTO, but Academic related) 
    • not many virtual registrations yet
    • Teachers will announce smart fair during class time and encourage students to participate
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