1. Welcome and Call Meeting to Order (Alison) notes from last meeting in progress
  2. Introductions
  3. Old Business
  4. Approve January 2023 meeting minutes (Found at
  5. Other 
  6. Family Fun Night 
  7. Bingo Night Recap- prizes were great, candy on tables worked well, big
    turnout, those who took pics will be sending them to Linda for yearbook.
    For next year- will need to purchase bingo items, move to gym, bring
    tables from library and/or request tables from district, shorten to an hour
    and a half (6:30-8?).
  8. April/May Family Fun Night- Switch to May since Twins night will be in
    April. Potentially May 19 th , but need to make sure it will work. May 19 th was
    originally slated for International Day, could potentially make Family Fun
    Night internationally themed with foods/games from other cultures.
  9. Twins Night – April 28- flyers are together and buses are ordered. Betsy will
    look into how tickets are donated. Tickets are $12 ($10 last year),
    scholarships will be for one adult per Harriet Bishop student. Twins need
    payment 3 weeks in advance (last week of March). Save the date went out,
    flyer will go out next week and will also go in newsletter.
  10. Restaurant Fundraisers (Liz)
  11. Papa Murphys recap- $237 raised, in line with past years.
  12. Jersey Mikes (March); Chipotle (May)
  13. Chuck E Cheese Night- keep on radar for future as future idea. Another
    school raised $1,000 doing a fun night at Chuck E Cheese.
  14. Google for NonProfits Update (Alison)- Emails are set up. Separate shared drive
    for board and for volunteers will be set up.
  15. Volunteer Coordinator Update (Liz) 
  16. Volunteer Needs-
  17. Needs for Smart Fair March 16 th /17 th : PTO paid for cookies and
    dinner for judges. Judge number TBD, but expecting 6-8 judges.
    Approximately $60 for dinner (pizza, soda, desserts). Crumbl
    cookies will be paid for using title funds. Judged projects on
    Thursday evening. Volunteers for Thursday during the day to set
    up. On Friday during the day volunteers needed to help direct traffic
    in school. Friday night need volunteers to set up cookies, Buzz for
    pictures, cleanup at end of night, and remind students to take
    projects home. Could also use volunteer adults who can showcase
    math/science/art etc knowledge or skills.
  18. Pep Fest- March 3 rd . Will include: Minute to Win it, duct taping.
    Kona Ice will be different day. May need volunteers or board may
    be able to cover needs
  19. Lunch During March Conferences- will see if anyone wants to lead and
    send out signup genius. (last lunch notes- need more chicken, cleanup

could start earlier) Wedneady the 8 th , 2-7, more dinner oriented. Leftovers
can be eaten the next day. Tentative plan is walking tacos.

  1. Read-A-Thon (Liz)- underway. More focus on reading aspect alongside
    fundraising. About 150 reading logs the first week. Mr Essay to include reminder
    on Monday morning announcements. Send reminder about employee matching
    contributions. Second collections will be later in the day around 1:30pm. Goal to
    find another website/donation site that doesn’t charge as much for next year.
  2. Breakfast With a Book Recap (Keralyn)- food service invoice that came in late,
    should have been covered by title funds but PTO covered it for now. How do deal
    with budget vs actual expense and title funds needs to be figured out. Came in
    under budget with donations Approximately $300.. Will take a look at numbers to
    plan for next year. Need to determine if it will be a school wide event going forward
    or whether to make it be a PTO event. Since it is an academic event during
    school, we should be able to use title funds going forward. Previously it was paid
    event ($5 per family). Can add under school event, if not covered by title funds
    than PTO can fund. Note: title finds can’t pay tax, need W-9 to get tax exemption.
    Got tables from district, not as many tables as requested. Needed more so tables
    in cafeteria were utilized. Can also request tables for Family Fun night etc. in
  3. Yearbook (Linda)- send reminder for pics in next newsletter. Yearbooks have been
    ordered- 255 (more than cutoff). Including new events from the year. Portraits are
    done, waiting on other photos from parents/teachers. Must be submitted Monday
    after spring break.
  4. Treasurer Update (Carrie)- $525 brought in last month, $499 paid out for
    readathon. $42,101 total budget. Should break even after Read-a-Thon. One grant
    request came in from fifth grade Care Club requesting $400 for end of season
    party- not in budget but board has approved by vote. Patrols grant pays $600
    towards end of year.
  5. March Meeting – 
  6. New Date (Two options for coordination with JWRC) backup date March
    23 rd , or push back to April 20 th .
  7. JWRC Topics- board selected Navigating Virtual Playground which is free.
    Cost for childcare through Project Kids, cost TBD.
  8. Other
  9. Next Newsletter submission due date: February 23 (newsletter goes out
    Feb 28th)
  10. Shoe Drive Fundraiser (Liz)- maybe in lieu of silent auction. Can be
    new/gently shoes, wearable, no holes. 25 shoes per bag. 100 bags=
    $1000. Something to consider. Dropoff for community. Need to store shoes
    until they get picked up. Could have competition between classes.
  11. Idea to recycle old Harriet Bishop shirts that are outgrown etc. Community
    “garage sale”
  12. Service club is coming back in March. Will be doing collections etc. Ashley
    Berryman and one other person will be spearheading.
  13. Assistance at Smart Fair?

Upcoming School and PTO Events/Key Dates

 Read-a-thon – February 6 – 24
o Pep Fest – Mar 3
 Conferences – March 8-10
 March PTO Meeting – DATE TBD
 Smart Fair – March 16

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