Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) Meeting

Thursday, April 20th, 6:00-7:15 p.m. Media Center


  1. Welcome and Call Meeting to Order (Alison)
  2. Approve March Minutes ( Ann motions, Heather seconds. Approved.
  3. Board Election Ballot- No one has reached out about being interested in any board positions. An email will be sent out about role information, then vote will occur at the next meeting on May 18th.
  4. Upcoming events
    1. Teacher appreciation, May 8-12- Theme: Hollywood movie/walk of fame. Plan: stars in hall, message on sidewalks (bring your own chalk), movie day with popcorn, taco lunch, Crumbl cookies, SWAG bags. Finish Line Wellness may be able to come give massages- can use conference room. They did this at Hidden Valley. Need Signup Genius for prep to do ahead of time, donations, and food. Tracy (4th grade mom) will help with treat bags. Need: stars, black bags, popcorn tins. There is a Google doc for brainstorming.
    2. Twins Night May 12- we overpaid for tickets but will be reimbursed and tickets will be reissued. Bus is reserved. 70 people expected. Planning is on track.
    3. Family Fun Night May 19- Kona not available, walking to Tropic Sno. Need volunteers to manage food, hand out tickets (could use high school kids in need of volunteer hours, will reach out to National Honor Society). Can use stamp instead of ticket. 5th grade and under will get free pizza.
  5. Volunteer needs- no other volunteer needs currently.
  6. Jacob Wetterling Resource Center Presentation- Navigating the Virtual Playground.
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